Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It looks a little bit like a sweater.

After finishing my hats I was itching to start my sweater. I have been working feverishly on it the last 2-3 weeks. It was a little hairy getting started. I had to start over once because I really screwed up the shoulder detail. Other than that it has been pretty smooth sailing, a couple little hiccups but they are pretty small (and hopefully unnoticeable, I think they are). 

Now that it is looking more like an actual sweater, I've been a little obsessed with wearing it. (Hopefully that isn't weird, haha) The more I work on it the more anxious I'm getting with wanting it to be finished so I can wear it. It seems to fit pretty well so far. I did have a dream that I finished it and when I put it on it was all kinds of crazy. I'm crossing my fingers that doesn't happen. My goal over my spring break is to finish it and maybe start my next project.

What have you been working on lately?

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