Monday, September 30, 2013

September Crochet Along

This month's crochet along over at Habitual Homebody was a ripple baby blanket. I don't have a baby or know anyone who is in need of a  baby blanket so I decided to make it a blanket for me. I started a blanket a while ago but quickly got bored with it. I was unsure of doing a round blanket but I liked the pattern and I figured that I would just see how it went. So far I'm pretty happy with it. I haven't finished it, I think that I have a few (very loooong) rounds to go before it's the size that I want it to be. 

I had some Caron Simply Soft leftover from my last blanket attempt so I used that since I had it lying around. I think that it will be a pretty soft and snugly blanket when it's done. It's a fun project to do and gave me good motivation to start and actually finish a blanket.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

What I'm hookin'

A couple years ago I bought a Fuji Instax instant camera. I played around with it for a while and then it got pushed into the back of my closet. While I was doing some cleaning I came across it and figured that I had spent the money for it that it didn't make much sense to have it lying around collecting dust. One of the reasons I didn't use it much was because I didn't want to throw it in my bag because it didn't have a case or cover. One night I decided to make one up really quick. It was a great way to use up some left over yarn I had. I'm really happy with how it came out. 

The purple looks more gray in the pictures, it's actually more lavender. I did alternating rows of half double crochet and single crochet. I thought it gave it a little interesting texture. The flap came out a little wonky looking but I'm not really to concerned about it. It does the job. :) I'm excited to take my camera with me and take some fun photos with it.

What have you been working on lately?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Vintage Gladys shopping

 I'm not sure if you've had the chance to read dottie angel's blog or read her  book, but if you love anything vintage then you should defiantly check it out. I'm lucky enough to be able to live near the her. She happened to be having a vintage sale in her streamline trailer named Gladys and I jumped at the chance to go. I could have bought everything in there, including the trailer. I did end up with some goodies though. Everything in there was a vintage dream and I was able to snap a few pics of my favorite things. 

I loved both these crochet bunting! Gives me some ideas for some new projects.

 It was so nice to meet the lady behind dottie angel.
 She is just as lovely as you would expect.

I couldn't pass up these cute knitting needles and (of course) a new brooch. 
I loved the colors and pattern of  this crochet pillow.
It was nice to get out of the house in probably the last couple weeks of summer for a fun little adventure. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

August Crochet Along

August's crochet along over at the Habitual Homebody was a hexagon table runner. I was so glad to see that this was picked to make. When I saw in on Pinterest it looked liked it would be a fun project to make. 
My pile of hexagons ready to be put together.
I really liked this project. It was nice to be able to do a little here and a little there. It was the last month of my summer quarter and anxiety was running high for me. I like to crochet to help relieve some stress. Making these hexagons was perfect because it was a super easy pattern to memorize and I could just work along and not have to really think about it. I'm not sure exactly where I'm going to put it, maybe take it over to Mark's house. I'm sure Blue would love to lay on it and make it his.