Monday, August 26, 2013

Hot yoga, Ferris Wheels, and Pink drinks

Photo from Sweat box yoga
Yesterday my friends Heidi and Ren took me out for my birthday. We started the day with some hot yoga. They have been going for a while and have really fallen in love with it. I had never been so I came along. It is no joke when they say it's hot. I was nervous to go because I get that panicky, can't breathe feeling when it's too hot. Luckily if I was feeling overwhelmed I could just lay there if I wanted. When we got started I had a hard time concentrating on what the instructor was saying because I could not get my mind off the heat. I had to force myself to listen and focus. When I work out (which isn't very often) I don't really sweat too much, pretty quickly I realized how sweaty I was. Holy geez! I couldn't believe it. I'm not too flexible so some of the poses I could't do very well, which is fine because it's all go at your own pace. Do what you can. Towards the end we did a series of floor stretches. I lied on my back starring at the fan that was mocking me, I could see it moving but couldn't feel anything. It started to feel a little like Groundhog Day, I was never going to escape. But I have to admit that a couple hours later I did feel pretty good, like i could take a pretty killer nap. I woke up this morning pretty sore. I defiantly can tell that I worked some muscles yesterday. I did like the yoga part of it but I'm not sure if I'm down with the hot part of it. I would go again and see if it was better than the first time.

After that we went downtown to have lunch at the Met, but we didn't realize that the restaurant didn't open until 4. So we went and had a beer at Ivar's and decided to take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. I hadn't been on it yet so I was pretty excited. 

After that we walked back up to the Met to have dinner. They took me there so we could have french onion soup. It's one of my favorites and the Met's is so good! Heidi and I got their Pink Drink, rose wine with house infused strawberry vodka. It was pretty tasty! Because we went for my birthday we got a free creme brulee, which is my favorite dessert. I was pretty excited about that. All it all it was a really fun day with my friends filled with good food, some laughs, and lots of sweating. 

P.S. They gave my the cutest necklace for my birthday! I can't wait to wear it to work. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Left-Hander's Day

Happy Left-Hander's day to all the lefties out there. I am an official member of the left handed club. Being left handed I get some of the silliest questions and comments all the time. This pretty much sums it up.
My favorite one that isn't on the chart is "How do you use scissors?" I get that one a lot. Just for the record, just like right hander's do. But I get special scissors ;) While I do love being left handed, I'm the only one in my family, it does come with some challenges. Learning any hand crafts has always been hard. Mostly because it's hard for people to teach me because it is literally completely backwards. And there is some serious strategy that goes into sitting at a restaurant with a group of people, especially if there is more than on lefty. I only real beef I have is that A LOT of the villains on t.v. are left handed. C'mon now guys, share the love a little. 

Happy Left-Hander's Day!!