Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Antique shopping

This last weekend Mark and I had to go up to Mt. Vernon to run an errand and decided to walk around and look at all the little shops around town. What we didn't know is that almost all of them are closed on Sundays. But we did find an antique shop that was open and we had a look around. Due to lack of excessive funds and space I had to settle with taking a few pictures of some of my favorite things.
I love the look on the mama's face. She looks so irritated with her babies, and they look just as irritated with her. It seems like a strange choice for a figurine. 
It always bums me out a little to see old photos. They should be at home withing their families. I really loved this one because they look so happy, especially her. I really liked the paper frame with the blue flowers around it. 
The look on this baby's face made me laugh. He looks so scared about what the heck is going on. 
I really wanted to take this old radio home! I was sad to leave it behind.
Who doesn't love jars of colorful thread and buttons?

One of my favorite things to look through at antique shops it the linens. I love looking at all the old embroidery and wondering who made this and how long ago. What is the story behind all the handkerchiefs, pillow cases, and table cloths? I was looking through and one thing caught my eye and I could not resist it. The second I had my hands on it I knew it was mine. It was a lovely tea pot cozy.
Front side
Back side

I really love all the bright flowers. I can't wait to make a pot of tea and put it to use.

Do you have any exciting antique shop finds?

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