Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer to do list

Summer is coming up and there is always so much that I want to do but I never seem to get it done, work and school always seem to get in the way. When I saw Alycia's post over at Habitual Homebody it inspired me to do my own summer to do list.

~Go on the local zip line tour-last year there was a zip line tour that was built over on Camano Island. Mark and I talked about going but it's expensive. Now that I have a new job (whoop whoop) I want to make it over there on a nice day. 
~Go on some hikes-there is so many beautiful places to hike, even for the out of shape like myself, I want to get out and see them.
~Read outside-I have 3 different series and one book waiting in the wings on my Kindle just taunting me. I want to make a point to make a good dent in my book list and what better way to read than in the nice warm sun.
~Have a productive garden- I've tried gardening a couple times before and wasn't too successful so this year I really want to keep on top of it and have something to show for it. 
~Go to the tree house bed and breakfast- I overheard someone at school talking about their weekend and Treehouse Point and it looks so awesome! I really want to go. This should probably be number one on the list. It looks so quiet and relaxing there. 
~Crochet a sweater- I have wanted to crochet a sweater for sometime now and I found this pattern on craftsy. I think that I would be able to do it and it's super cute, although I would change the colors a bit. 
~Relaz- take a little time to just relax before school starts again in the fall. 

Do you have any summer plans?

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  1. Stopping by from the Bloglovin' Collective Blog Hop.

    Best of luck on your summer. :)

    My plans are to keep writing and to start packing for the move in a few months.


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