Monday, May 6, 2013

A sobering experience...

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I have always loved this quote from Alice in Wonderland but it seems more fitting since this past weekend. 
This weekend was the first really nice and warm weekend of the year. Like all Washingtonians when the sun finally comes out we all flock to any outdoor activity, usually near the water. When my friend called me and asked if I wanted to go to Gas Works Park to enjoy the sun of course I said yes. 
Gas Works Park
I get so busy from my day to day life that I tend to forget how cruel the world can be. I lose sight of the big picture and just sort of float from one day to another. Then something happens and it brings me crashing back down to earth again. I'll spare the details but a young girl, maybe 20, had her little dog killed by another dog. All anyone could do was watch in horror as people tried to save the little dog, but to no avail. It was honestly the most horrific thing I have ever seen. We were in such a daze all day. Being a pet owner myself I know how deep feelings are for a beloved pet. It was the worst feeling of helplessness. Nobody could do anything to save her dog and nobody could take her pain and sadness away. 
As my friend and I parted ways later in the evening she told me "There is a reason we were meant to see that today." Unfortunately, she is probably right. It may be the universe's way of teaching us some cruel lesson. One that nobody wants to learn. I know that this experience has changed me forever.
Make sure you give your pet a good loving squeeze and send a good thought this girls way. I know that she needs it more than anything right now. 
P.S. I know this isn't anything anyone wants to hear but I felt like I had to just get it out. Even if nobody reads it it's out in the air and can float away. Thanks for reading. 

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