Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer to do list

Summer is coming up and there is always so much that I want to do but I never seem to get it done, work and school always seem to get in the way. When I saw Alycia's post over at Habitual Homebody it inspired me to do my own summer to do list.

~Go on the local zip line tour-last year there was a zip line tour that was built over on Camano Island. Mark and I talked about going but it's expensive. Now that I have a new job (whoop whoop) I want to make it over there on a nice day. 
~Go on some hikes-there is so many beautiful places to hike, even for the out of shape like myself, I want to get out and see them.
~Read outside-I have 3 different series and one book waiting in the wings on my Kindle just taunting me. I want to make a point to make a good dent in my book list and what better way to read than in the nice warm sun.
~Have a productive garden- I've tried gardening a couple times before and wasn't too successful so this year I really want to keep on top of it and have something to show for it. 
~Go to the tree house bed and breakfast- I overheard someone at school talking about their weekend and Treehouse Point and it looks so awesome! I really want to go. This should probably be number one on the list. It looks so quiet and relaxing there. 
~Crochet a sweater- I have wanted to crochet a sweater for sometime now and I found this pattern on craftsy. I think that I would be able to do it and it's super cute, although I would change the colors a bit. 
~Relaz- take a little time to just relax before school starts again in the fall. 

Do you have any summer plans?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The hummingbirds have taken over

We've been lucky here is Washington to have some great weather the past couple weeks. I've been able to soak up some rays while doing homework on the deck. We've always had hummingbirds around our house, my mom has a feeder on the front and back deck for them. This year they seem to be most comfortable at our house. They whiz to and from all day even if we are sitting on the deck. They don't seem to be as afraid as they normally are. The even let us know when the feeder is getting low but flying pretty close and chirping away. I've really enjoyed getting to see them so close. But there seems to be a disagreement on the food sources. There is one orange and black one that thinks it belongs all to him. He has even resorted to sitting on the new hanging baskets and shooing off whoever comes close. 
I tried once before to get some pictures of them but it was in vain, they were nowhere to be found. Today I was sitting on the deck and they were in fine form, so I grabbed my camera and waited patiently and they decided to cooperate with me. Here is some of the picture I was able to get of them. 

This is our resident bully :)

I am really becoming fascinated with these little birds. They are really beautiful and I love looking at their little feet grabbing the feeder, so cute! I (like to) think that the brown and the green are mama and papa birds and they are flying off to feed their little babies. I'm so happy that these little guys are hanging around and becoming a part of our springtime.  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

You know you're a french bulldog owner when.....

I am totally obsessed with Buzzfeed these days. I'm sure my friends will attest to it because I e-mail them links from there all the time. While I was browsing yesterday I found this list. I used to have a french bulldog and am totally obsessed with them. I am in the process of trying to convince my boyfriend that we (eventually) need on but he isn't on the bandwagon yet. I'm not too worried, I still have a lot of time to break him, haha. 
Everything on this list I 100% true and #5 is me to a T! I'm a total creeper when it comes to seeing french bulldogs in public. 

1. You've done more dietary research for your dog than for yourself.

You've done more dietary research for your dog than for yourself.
Frenchie's can have fickle digestive systems. So do humans, but a lot of times it doesn't stop us from having a three way with gluten and dairy multiple times a day. In the case of our pig dogs, however, we will SCOUR the internet for ways to help their itching or alleviate their mega farts.

2. You don't react to farts anymore.

You don't react to farts anymore.
Ok, so maybe you do. But when your Frenchy farts it's hilarious and you can't stay mad at that shocked and confused face for long. MINE LITERALLY JUST FARTED ON MY LAP AS I WAS WRITING THIS. If you're lucky you've figured out it's diet enough that it wont smell too bad, but even then I almost feel proud. It's like a high school kid winning a burping contest.

3. Burps put you on alert.

Burps put you on alert.
Burps are funny too. Except around 30% of Frenchie burps mean they just puked in their mouths a little bit. Most of time they just make comically loud licking sounds because they don't understand how food just suddenly appeared in their mouths, but sometimes you need to clean up. And they hate having their face cleaned.
Source: static  /  via:

4. You get pissed when people mistake your Frenchie for a Pug or Boston Terrier.

You get pissed when people mistake your Frenchie for a Pug or Boston Terrier.
What are you, a fucking dog racist? Get your shit together. Ok, so maybe there are SOME similarities... They're all small, short snouted and big eared. However, there are some very distinct features that separate the three. And even then, some people feel the need to insist that your dog MUST not be 100% or must have A LITTLE Boston in there. Ya know what? Some Frenchies are a little bit leaner! Some Bostons are stockier! STOP IMPOSING YOUR BODY IMAGE ISSUES ON MY DOG.

5. If you see a Frenchie in public you spaz out.

If you see a Frenchie in public you spaz out.
Or any bulldog breed for that matter. Although Frenchies hold the special place in your heart, you've become downright stalkerish when it comes to any short nosed, snorting, bully type dog. The only thing you can think about is squeezing it's face and seeing what noises come out. If your dog is there, you desperately want them to become BDFF (best dog friends forever). If it isn't, then you instantly longing for it's gassy affection. If you become acquainted with said pooch, you will likely remember it's name for years. WARNING: Puppies will give you an adorable heart attack and you might shit your pants.

6. You get annoyed at those very same strangers.

You get annoyed at those very same strangers.
Let's face it. We love that people love our dogs. It fills us with pride because WE love our dogs and it's delightful to see other people fill with that joy too... Unless we have somewhere to be. At some point people decided they no longer needed to ask your permission to pet your dog, care what it is your doing or where you're going, or even making eye contact or acknowledging you're alive. This gets old fast. I'm sure it's something that all dog owners have to deal with, but Frenchies tend to be very clownish and attract a TON of attention. Always ask permission to pet a dog people. For safety reasons, but also so you don't annoy me.

7. You have no idea how to spell Frenchie.

You have no idea how to spell Frenchie.
Or is it Frenchy? They all work on Google... Everyone seems to spell it differently, but I think twice every damn time I type it. Might be best to just stay classy and stick with French Bulldog.
Source:  /  via: http://Sonya%20Yu

8. Your Frenchie inspires you to do yoga.

Your Frenchie inspires you to do yoga.
Or maybe they don't. I know I'm no Yogi. BUT LOOK AT THIS. THAT'S WHERE UPWARD FACING DOG COMES FROM. Whenever I see my dog wake up from a nap and do downward and upward dog, I think to myself, "Namaste, little buddy. Namaste."
I know all dogs do this, I sincerely just wanted to post this picture.

9. You want more French Bulldogs.

You want more French Bulldogs.
Some people kid themselves and think they might want to get a big dog once they "get more space" or something "a little bit more manageable" than these super allergic fart boxes, but the truth of the matter is you're already hooked. You don't have a choice people. We're all sick in the head. If you managed to get to the point where you got a French Bulldog in the first place, you're already knee deep in the Frenchie loony bin. Get comfortable because you won't be leaving any time soon.
Also my dog literally just farted on me again. *high five*

I can't wait until I have another one, these goofy dogs have captured my heart and after having one of my own, I'll never be able to turn back. 
What dog, or any animal, has a special place in your heart?

Monday, May 6, 2013

A sobering experience...

Source unknown
I have always loved this quote from Alice in Wonderland but it seems more fitting since this past weekend. 
This weekend was the first really nice and warm weekend of the year. Like all Washingtonians when the sun finally comes out we all flock to any outdoor activity, usually near the water. When my friend called me and asked if I wanted to go to Gas Works Park to enjoy the sun of course I said yes. 
Gas Works Park
I get so busy from my day to day life that I tend to forget how cruel the world can be. I lose sight of the big picture and just sort of float from one day to another. Then something happens and it brings me crashing back down to earth again. I'll spare the details but a young girl, maybe 20, had her little dog killed by another dog. All anyone could do was watch in horror as people tried to save the little dog, but to no avail. It was honestly the most horrific thing I have ever seen. We were in such a daze all day. Being a pet owner myself I know how deep feelings are for a beloved pet. It was the worst feeling of helplessness. Nobody could do anything to save her dog and nobody could take her pain and sadness away. 
As my friend and I parted ways later in the evening she told me "There is a reason we were meant to see that today." Unfortunately, she is probably right. It may be the universe's way of teaching us some cruel lesson. One that nobody wants to learn. I know that this experience has changed me forever.
Make sure you give your pet a good loving squeeze and send a good thought this girls way. I know that she needs it more than anything right now. 
P.S. I know this isn't anything anyone wants to hear but I felt like I had to just get it out. Even if nobody reads it it's out in the air and can float away. Thanks for reading. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I'm working on

I was browsing the interweb the other day and came across this hoop brooch holder from One Sheepish Girl.
Photo from One Sheepish Girl

I have a slowly growing collection of brooches, I think that it is bordering on an addiction. I was keeping them in this lovely felted bowl from Chet and Dot on etsy. (Go check out her shop, there is the cutest little gifts!)

The bowl was quickly becoming full and I couldn't really see all my pins.
I bought the cheaper wooden hoop and picked this yellow fabric that I had leftover from another project. It was really easy. Just place the fabric in the hoop and pull it tight. I cut fairly close the the hoop, about a 1/2 inch or less and glued it down in the back with fabric glue. Let it dry overnight and it's done. 
Here's a close up of the fabric, it has a light floral pattern which is nice cause cause I can use it with other patterns and it doesn't clash. 
Here it is all put together with my brooches ready to hang!
I decided to hang it with my other hoops where I can see all my pretties.
I'm really happy how it turned out and thinks that it makes a fun way to display all my brooches. 

Do you have any fun ways you like to display your jewelry or other items?