Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What I'm working on

I feel like I've been a crocheting fool these days. I finished 2 projects in the last couple days. I suppose it was a mad dash with my free time quickly disappearing with the new quarter starting. A couple weeks ago I started this pillow to sit on while I'm doing homework. I reviewed the book here where I got this pattern from. I was SO excited to finish my pillow! I really like how it turned out.
I found this pincushion on Pinterest and decided to make it as a gift. It was a really quick project. I think it would make a good gift for someone who sews. I used the same colors I used for the pillow because I had some yarn left over. 

I've been wanting to get some more knitting practice in so I think that I am going to make Blue some of these knitted catnip bunnies. 
The pattern looks pretty do-able and a fairly small project that (hopefully) won't take me forever. Although I feel a little bit like and enabler because Blue is a complete stoner and I'm not sure I should be feeding his habits. But these are too cute to not pass up. 

What projects are you working on?

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  1. Love the pillow and the pincushion! :) And you should totally make the bunny. My cats all love catnip, but one is also a complete stoner, and gets super excited everytime she sees me with the catnip spray, and she waits for me to spray it on something so she can go and lick it off. :)


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