Monday, April 29, 2013

My baby blanket

The other day my mom was doing some laundry and she tossed me this yellow crocheted blanket (you can't see but it had sparkles in the yarn). I asked her where it came from and she said that my grandma had made it when I was a baby. I don't remember seeing it before and I was instantly excited to have it in my hands. 

My grandma, Grandma Bev, and I were very close. She passed away about 9 years ago and it was really hard for me. Some of the best times growing up was being with my grandparents. She passed after my grandpa so that time of my life was officially over when she was gone. 
Grandpa Jim and Grandma Bev
I knew that she crocheted but she wasn't able to do it as she got older so I never saw her do it. I have really enjoyed learning to crochet over the past year or so. Holding this made me feel so close to her all over again. I can't stop starring at it and I never want to let it go. I am excited to have something really special from her that is new to me.

Do you have anything special keepsakes?


  1. That's so lovely!! I'm so happy for you that your mum gave you this blanket!!
    I think your grandma would be so happy and so proud that you are crocheting like her!! :)


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