Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last month I signed up for a swap through Chaotic Goddess Swaps hosted by Tami's Eclectic Corner. I love the idea of swaps because I get the chance to get to know someone that otherwise I would never meet. I got partnered up with Heather from Utah. It was fun to e-mail back and forth and learn about her and her family. 
I totally forgot to take a picture of her package that I sent. She loves to sew and stitch like I do, so I sent her some pretty floss, a quilt pattern, and some quilt labels. The pin cushion that I made here was for her. I found some pretty earrings, nail polish, and some lip balm. I was so happy to hear that she loved it. It always makes me nervous buying gifts for other people, especially one that I don't know very personally.

It's been really hectic with school lately so I was super excited to get her package. And it was just what I needed. 
Circus peanuts are one of my favorites. Everyone I have ever met hates them, but I can't help but love them. I'm not even sure what exactly they are. Along with other snacks and a box of tea, and a really pretty roll of red cotton (which I am going to make some washcloths for my boyfriends new apartment) I got a great book of vintage kitchen linens. I have had it on my wish list for a while and she sent it to me. Once I get a change to read through it I'll write a little review of it.

It was really fun to get to know Heather and I hope that we keep in touch. I'm excited to sign up for another swap to meet someone new as well.

Do you like to sign up for swaps?

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