Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring break is over, I'm sad.

My spring break is seemed to go by in a flash, isn't that how it always goes though? I'm not quite ready to get back into the groove of school and homework. I didn't do much, hung around outside in the yard with the dogs, got to read an actual book of my choosing, not a textbook, and was generally lazy. Luckily the weather wasn't a total bust and I was able to get outside a bit. Mark and I decided to go down to the local beach and walk around for a while.
Even Blue got to enjoy some sun.

I got together with some girls that I used to work with for a craft date. It was really fun to just sit around, chat, eat (Loni is very good at feeding us), and working on our latest craft project. I started a new crochet pillow. I am really liking how the colors are coming together. We are going to try make our craft-ernoon a regular event. We get so busy with work, school, and mommy duties that time goes by so fast without realizing it.
 Loni was working on a hat for her daughter and Hillary was working on a granny square.
Mia was there to watch over us. She's totally crazy, but we love her. 
And she has the most outrageous whiskers!

So far I have one half of the cushion done and about 3/4 of the second half done. 
I also made a crochet scalloped garland. I had another idea for it and it didn't work out so I tied it to my bed frame.
Then I went to Target to get a couple things (yeah, right) and thought that I would just browse through the clothing section (who am I fooling?) and in true Target fashion it got me. 
I really love the mint and light gray color. It's really soft and light, I think that it will make a really nice spring cardigan. 
I don't normally like pink, but I saw this dress and had to have it. Probably because it has flowers on it and I cannot resist a floral print.I LOVE how it has pockets. None of my other dresses have pockets so I am super excited to wear it. 
All in all it was a pretty good spring break, nothing crazy, just nice and relaxing.

My sister took this one. I have no idea what I was doing. Good thing our neighbors can't see into the yard.
Jack came out to say hi and Ace is doing some sort of bucking bronco move in the yard.
This is the usual face that Mark makes when I try to take his picture and for some reason I have a hard time opening my eyes. In my defense I was facing the sun, haha.


  1. The bucking bronco made me crack-up! And in the first outtake I am pretty sure you are making fun of someone! Why must I look so grumpy?

  2. Cute cardigan!!! And I like the springy colours in your cushion cover!

  3. You were concentrating Hillary! And we need to schedule something soon, so it don't take another two months.


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