Friday, March 8, 2013

Random connections

A few of weeks ago a friend sent me a LinkedIn request. I didn't have an account but for one reason or another I hap hazardously set up an account. A couple days after that I got a request from a Facebook friend. It was a guy I met on vacation about 6 years ago. We talked for a couple weeks after we went home but we lived in different states and the connection withered away. He found me on Facebook a few years later and we exchanged a few "how have you been" and "what are you up to" e-mails and that was about it. 

With this new request it got me thinking that this social media connection seems a little strange to me. I now have these connections to this person that I met years ago. The chances of me actually seeing or talking to him again are slim to none, probably more emphasis on the none. He sees what I'm doing (which isn't much since I'm not a huge Facebook user) and I see what he does. In the not too distant past when connections disintegrated people would just fade away.There isn't a lot of mystery in today's world, and I can only imagine what the future will bring. 

I'm not against all the social media, it think that it's a good thing to have the opportunity to stay in touch with people that normally I probably wouldn't stay in touch with and get to meet new people. It just seems like a funny little anomaly to me.

What are your thoughts?

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