Thursday, March 14, 2013

I survived (finals week that is)

Okay, this might be a little dramatic but sometimes I feel this way. Especially after classes that I'm not really into but have to go through to get prerequisites done. In the last 6 months I have found that chemistry and I are not very good friends. It was okay, but I am looking forward to biology in the fall. I'm happy to be on break but I'm sure that cabin fever will be setting in quickly. I'm hoping to get together with a couple new friends and relax. Hopefully the weather will turn around and I can get back outside. 

Most of the day I was concentrating on finals but a little bit of my mind was distracted. Yesterday was my (old) dog, Red's, birthday.
A face only a mother can love :)
He is a 4 year old french bulldog. I got him with my now ex-boyfriend and when we broke up I couldn't take him so he kept him. It's been almost 2 years and I still miss him terribly. It's was a little bit of a sad day for me but I'm sure that he is happy and hope that maybe one day I can see him again. 

Meanwhile there is a great giveaway over at One Sheepish Girl. Check it out. It's a great blog and I have enjoyed reading it. As a new knitter (if I can call myself that, hehe) there is a lot of inspiration. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, maybe that's the pick me up that I need. 

Are you doing anything fun for spring break?


  1. Oh my goodness, I love his face!

    I'm loooooving the washi too, it's so much fun! Where is your favorite place to buy from?

    1. I made some washi tape photo "frames" on my wall. It didn't turn out half bad, haha. Something a little different. I've found some at the local craft stores but there is a cute scrapbook shop close to me that I want to check out. I've found some really cute tapes on Amazon too.


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