Friday, March 22, 2013

My guilty pleasure

We all have them, that thing that we are a little embarrassed about but can't help but love. I thought that I would share one of mine. This one is a real doozy too. Are you ready??
 It's my Joey Lawrence CD. Yes, he had an album out circa 1993. This was one of my first CD's and I loved it! If I am going to be totally honest I stick it in the CD player once or twice a year and sing along, and I still know all the words. It's totally embarrassing but I can't not love it.

It even comes with this super sexy poster. WHOA! (I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself.) Why I never hung this up is beyond me.
I don't think that I could ever part with this gem. Maybe I could make it a family heirloom.....though I don't think anyone would appreciate it as much as me :)
Joey Lawrence CD, you may be my guiltiest pleasure. Thanks for the fabulous music in all it's cheesy glory.

Do you have any guilty pleasure that you can't help but love?
I would love to hear what they are!


  1. ERmahgerd! I used to LOVE him! Love this post, you're so cute.

    1. Thanks! It was fun to write. I'm pretty proud of this cd, haha. It's like a fine wine, just gets better with age.


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