Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crochet along and a bloghop

A while back Alycia over at Habitual Homebody started a crochet-along and I thought it was such a fun idea. I hadn't joined up before for one reason or another (usually homework got in the way, damn chemistry!) but now that I am on spring break I joined in. She picked a great knotted headband pattern, which I already had my eye on, so I had an excuse to make it. It was a super easy pattern that was really quick to do. Here is my final headband.
It's getting warmer around here so I don't know how much I'll get to use it. It will defiantly be put with my winter wear to be used for next year. It was really fun to do and I will be making more of an effort to join in each month. I'm excited to see what everyone else's headbands look like. Hop on over to Habitual Homebody and join in!

I also joined in on the bloghop over at Peacoats and Plaid. It's my first one so I'm hoping to meet some new people. For some reason the idea of this scared me. It's like a giant party where I don't know anyone and having to go up to talk to people. But I started this blog to push me past my comfort zone to meet new people, so I took a breath and linked up. (I know, it sounds so silly when I actually write it down) I recently found her blog because she posted a video about how she isn't a "popular girl." I loved it. I wanted to join this blog world to meet real people and hear about their real lives. Check her blog out and join in on the blog hop.



  1. ooh pretty color! great job :)

  2. The crochet-along is fun isn't it? This is our 4th time I think? We always have a lot of fun trying to make the projects our own. Love the colour! ~Stephanie

    1. Thank you! :) It is really fun. Gives me some inspiration to start new projects.

  3. That's such a pretty colour!!

    I'm so jealous that where you are is getting warmer though ;)

    Your blog is so pretty by the way!!

  4. Yours turned out so cute... great color choice. I'm anxious to check out the blog hop!!

  5. It was my first time participating in Alycia's crochet-along too! Love how your headband turned out, well done!

  6. Your hairband turned our really well- great job!

  7. Great job with your headband! I adore the color.

  8. Hello fellow crochet-alonger! Love the colour wool you used for yours :-)


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